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  1. It’s still a Honda. Not to mention that “sexy black” is merely “sizzling black” in Florida. Show me a man with a black Honda in Florida and I’ll show you a man with burn scars on his palms and the backs of his thighs. I’ll stick with my Toyota. This Honda sounds suspicious: 28 miles but they’re autobahn miles. Is it possible to only drive 28 miles on the autobahn? I don’t need to be a sexy black blur; that’s what I am every time I look at photos of myself without my glasses on.

    • Hiya Miss Snarky! Shipment costs from here to the sunshine state would be prohibitive so, I will forgive you for not purchasing THIS TIME. I will also be noting the condition of palms next time I’m in Florida (thighs? Could be tricky.) Anyway, the Sexy Black Blur has been sold (clearly due to my car retail expertise, meticulous auto detailing, and overall business savvy.) At this time, I’d like to say a big “dziękuje bardzo” to the charming dude from Warsaw who flew here and bought it yesterday – as I am sure he reads my blog. Uh….yeah.

    • I do have you! :) Thank you! I have some others but not many want to hand over their souls to me. I get it.
      The Poland adventure is indeed on purpose. Working for the CIA, I….
      Oh, wait. Did I just write that out loud?

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